Black Hmong Handcrafted pillow cases - Hemp

Black Hmong Handcrafted pillow cases - Hemp

SKU: SAPA12345016

These pillow cases are made of reused traditional Hmong baby carriers. It is the tradition of the Hmong people to make new baby carrier every new year, for good luck. The baby carriers, made by hand with local indogo dye, have been sewn and reinfornced with local fabric. 


    45 cm x 45 cm

    The pattern of every pillow case differs slighty. Not 2 of them are exactly the same. That's what makes them unique.

    They are all made from the handmake batik patterns on the inside square and natural hemp material on the border.


    Every pillow case is unique. They come straight from the north of Vietnam where the hill tribes of the Black Hmongs live. We can unfortunately not exchange the goods when purchased. 


    Pricing is inclusive delivery in Europe.  We can also ship to other destinations (USA, Australia, Canada etc) and will let you know the additional shipping costs!