The Great Migration

Mercat Central, Valencia, Summer Solstice 2019 - The Central Market of Valencia is one of the largest in Europe. We found the freshest local and organic fruits, veggies, grains (even a variety of Spanish quinoa!) and of course, amazing fish, meat and jàmon  (iberic ham and pata negra)

Wow! Here we are are... officially on the road, kicking off some van life adventures in Europe for the next 4 months, following the coast from the south west of France to the Netherlands, via Spain, Portugal, the French West Coast and Brittany, before taking off for South-East Asia in October.

The path to get to this very moment -the 4 of us living in a van- has been long and tedious.

Farewells and celebrations

This was the hardest, yet the most fun, part of the last 3 months. Our community in the San Francisco Bay Area is so tight, rich, fun and loving, that saying "good bye" was a tough one. We made it fun by dancing and celebrating at campouts and get-togethers with friends, neighbors and classmates, but this was bittersweet…

Marley detailing his upcoming journey to his classmates on his last day of school

At the Pelican Inn in Muir Beach, our local watering hole, with our neighbors and friends for a final "good bye"


Dematerializing was the most incredible experience. We downsized our 3-bedroom house into a few pieces of luggage, and put the rest in a 10x20 ft (3x6m) public storage space in the North Bay. Decisions (store? keep? donate? sell? dump?) had to be made for each piece that we or the kids had, which resulted in a tremendous, time-consuming effort… yet, so worth it when considering the feeling of freedom and lightness this led to.

Luna’s 10 year-old birthday breakfast in an empty house, the day before we left

Flying Away.. not quite there as far as minimalist lifestyle

And off we go… on our Alexa-free journey 😉 

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