After 15 years living in the San Francisco Bay, sourcing, importing and marketing chocolate and other fair trade and organic food products, we have set out to world school our two children, Luna (11) and Marley (7) in 2019, and took them on a journey where we could share with them what we have learned from our travels and the many communities that we have been working with over the years in Thailand, India, Peru , Brazil and all around the world. 

While our numerous weekends in our beloved VW Westfalia in California and beyond, and our frequent trips to Europe and Australia with the kids, have prepared them for a nomadic life, the desire to explore has, far from being fulfilled, created an even bigger drive to keep discovering and learning.


We left the Bay Area May 2019 and spend first 4 months in Europe in our Blue Van visiting family & friends, discovering beautiful towns and squares in southern Spain, wild beaches on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, enormous tides in the north of Britany, biked along the canals in Amsterdam, the windy dikes in Friesland and dunes along the North Sea. October 2019 we took off in Paris and landed in Vietnam for a full discovery of South East Asia, the Pacific and back to Europe for some more van-life in the summer of 2020. The story continues in Portugal where we settled since 2 months, close to Europe’s most westerly point & village and where we are discovering the arts & local treasures that Portugal offers.

This is our journey that we want to share with you through Mercado on the Go: an ad-hoc store where we offer and ship to your doorstep the various treasures, handicraft and special goods that we have curated throughout our travels. In some way, this is the logical continuation of our previous life -sourcing outstanding products from indigenous communities- but more personal. At a time when any products can show up at your door two days after you click  the “buy now” button, we feel there is no purchase more rewarding and meaningful than when we know the maker or artisan who has made it, often the heir to a long tradition and know-how, and knowing that the purchase is as meaningful for the buyer as it is for the person who made the goods. We will connect products, makers and stories as we weave Mercado on the Go into our journey.

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Ilse, Edouard, Luna and Marley